Sunday, 27 January 2013

Are Travel Postcards now Passé?

has social media killed the postcard business
When was the last time you sent a travel postcard?
In this digital age of email, mobile and social connections, do you still send travel postcards to friends and family, while on a holiday? Or do you go snap snap with your phone and post to Facebook, connecting instantly with friends and family.

A survey conducted by O2 Travel in 2012, showed that over half of the people on a holiday in Britain have never sent a traditional travel postcard. I would have assumed these statistics would have been much higher given the internet & mobile pentration across the world. Unfortunately, there are no statistics available (or atleast I am unable to find them via google) of how many postcards were actually sent via the postal system in 2012 vs a decade back.

When was the last time you received a postcard? And when was the last time you sent a travel post card or even bought one as a collectible. Has social media finally rung the death knell for the traditional travel postcards?
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  1. I think postcards are any date better than posting on FB. I bought a postcard today :) I do this once a Bluemoon...and Im lucky to have one friend who keeps sending me PC's everytime she travels somewhere :)

    You take out gr8 picks do you send postcards or use one of them to send out a postcard??